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Sewer Cleaning In Gillette, Buffalo & Sheridan

As a homeowner you don’t want to ignore a slow running kitchen drain or shower as it, over time can get worse and end up in a sewer back up which can be costly.  Drain blockages take place over time because of several factors like dirt, grease, waste and other debris gradually collect and block the flow of water.

Look outside your home and if you or your neighbor has huge trees the roots can make their way into your main drain and cause havoc where one day you come home to standing water.  It’s not sanitary or fun and can be very expensive.   

Powder River Heating has been a trusted source in NE Wyoming for years and can either respond to an emergency back up today or we can come out at the first sign of a slow drain to prevent bigger problems. 

Video Inspection of Your Main Sewer line

We get calls from a variety of people for different reasons looking for a sewer scope inspection also known as sewer snake or sewer camera inspection. With this tool we can see potential problems before you buy your new home or if tree roots are the real issue or if your teenager is dumping the bacon grease down the sink instead of the trash can…