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At Powder River, Safety Is a Priority


Powder River Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to safety and safe work practices. It is our goal to complete our projects without incident and to incorporate safety awareness into all of our operations. We continually reassess and improve our safety strategies and systems to ensure that our engineering activities uphold the highest levels of safety performance.

Powder River employs a full time Safety Coordinator who works to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulations with particular emphasis on the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the Mining Safety and Health Act (MSHA). All of our employees and contractors are knowledgeable in these standards and are required to follow any additional safety procedures that clients may employ. We have, in place, comprehensive programs aimed at safety and environmental responsibility.

Our Safety Training Programs Include:

Private Safety Consultant – In addition to our in-house safety manager, we retain a local independent safety consultant Dave Riley, owner of Safety Consultants, located in Gillette, WY, to assist in training and accident prevention. We are up to date on all certifications needed to work with our clients in the mining & oil industry as well as other companies in our region and state. In addition to being up to date with state of Wyoming and all Federal regulations, we also are certified to work in North Dakota. Some of the programs included are:

MSHA and OSHA – Employees and supervisors are cross trained in both of these areas of state and federal safety standards through MSHA certified miner training and OSHA 10 and 30 certifications. Additionally, Powder River Heating & Air Conditioning has enrolled in OSHAs Accreditation Program in an ongoing effort to constantly improve our safety standards.

Safeland – Another important aspect of our safety compliance is Safeland training, which covers safety awareness of issues specific to the oil and gas industry.

We use an outside vendor for pre-employment screening. We feel it fosters trust, safety, and fairness to the potential employee and current employees, as well our customers and vendors who trust us to deliver.

Lead Renovation – We are taking the initiative with two EPA RRP certified supervisors for lead contamination identification and safe work practices. Lead RRP is a lax area in Wyoming, but quickly becoming a standard on jobs when dealing with repair and renovation of lead contaminated construction. We believe that our employees and clients deserve the extra safety that this training affords.

Asbestos – Our employees are current in CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) for asbestos awareness.

Drug Awareness – All our supervisors attend yearly comprehensive drug awareness training aimed at early recognition of at risk employees.

First Aid – Our supervisors and project leads receive first aid training above and beyond what is required by OSHA and MSHA regulations through Emergency First Response certification from our in-house EFR instructor. This program includes primary and secondary emergency care, CPR and AED training. We frequently open our classes to allied professionals and sub-contractors at no charge to help improve emergency response on our jobs and in our community.

Powder River goes above and beyond its duties to ensure a safe and productive work environment through supervisor and employee training, as well as a detailed program of daily, weekly and monthly safety meetings designed to instill a culture of safety in our employees. These programs have allowed our safety record to continually improve and has made us a forerunner in safe working practices.