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How Things Work

Click on one of the topics below for a short video explaining how different kinds of heating and cooling systems work. Be sure you have your speakers turned on!

Heat Pumpheatpump

What is the “Balance Point?” What is your “Balance Point?How Efficient is a Heat Pump? ?How much would I use a Heat Pump?


Air Conditioner

What Is an Air Conditioner?  Two Stage Air Conditioners



What Is a Furnace? Multi Stage Variable Speed Furnaces


Air Handler

What Is an Air Handler? Variable Speed Air Handlers


Air Filtration

<iframe” href=””>Did you Know? <iframe” href=””>Types of Air Cleaner <iframe” href=””>Electronic Air Cleaner <iframe” href=””>Media Air Cleaner


Hybrid System

<iframe” href=””>How does Hybrid System work? <iframe” href=””>Cooling Season <iframe” href=””>What is the Balance Point? <iframe” href=””>What is your Balance Point? <iframe” href=””>How Efficient is a Heat Pump? <iframe” href=””>How Much would I use a Heat Pump?



<iframe” href=””>What is Geothermal? <iframe” href=””>How Efficient is a Geothermal Heat Pump? <iframe” href=””>Horizontal Loop Heating <iframe” href=””>Horizontal Loop Cooling <iframe” href=””>Vertical Loop Heating <iframe” href=””>Vertical Loop Cooling <iframe” href=””>Hot Water Assist Summer <iframe” href=””>Hot Water Assist Winter